Sum, sum, summertime with Doc and Chou Chou!

Join Doc, Chou Chou, the Girlfriends, and all the Imperial Palms Orchestra back at the fabulous Carlyle Club, Friday, July 21. Hot jazz, coolest people, and swingingest dance tunes. Add a hint of tropical steam and wrap in endless romance and you get the idea. Dress for a big night out, “cause it”s bound to be! As our dapper maestro so elegantly puts it, “Casual clothes suck!”

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See you there!

Chesapeake Beach Stars and Stripes Festival

What fun! A rare chance to join us for a FREE concert and lots of waterside familiy-friendly festivities! Chesapeake Beach kicks off summer in the best of ways! So grab your boater and parasol and your best sea-side style! We always encourage vintage dress. But no need to worry. Come as you are! For, as everyone knows, on Memorial Weekend “Anything Goes!”

Save the date and pucker up!

Save the date and pucker up! Join us for a rare Sunday open-to-public show! Just in time for Valentines! We’re back at the fabulous Carlyle Club with all the smoochies and red hot tunes for enjoying your red hot date! Come warm things up on the dancefloor and play fine dining footsie under the table. We know how to do this. We LIVE to do this! Dress up! Vintage and Black tie optional. Oh, the possibilities! 

Sunday, Feb. 12, at the Carlyle Club

New Delights! Fabulous Nights!

So much for you! We’re excited, too! We’ve been in a creative bout and full of starlight and song! Join us! Get fancy! Bring your hot date along! Trip the light fandango! Have a rose-to-tooth tango! Feel the fire in your soul! Here we go!!  

Nov. 5! Better hurry! 

Maryland Symphony Orchestra’s Gatsby Affair  


Then, Nov. 11, get blissful as Chou Chou gives you her heart in her profoundly touching new show!

Cabaret at Fredericksburg Square 

Nov 12, Doc, Chou Chou, and the Palmettos are rarin’ to go! Join us for dining and dancing as we salute our Veterans in grand style!

Fredericksburg Town Square

Oh, my, we can’t wait! Nov. 25, Doc, Chou Chou, the Girlfriends and the Imperial Palms will be back at the Carlyle Club for our annual Holiday Kick-off! Come dance off that extra helping of Thanksgiving pie! Bring those out of town guests someplace swell! Sells out early!

Carlyle Club Holiday Kick-off


AAAAAND…We are thilled to announce New Years Eve tickets are now on sale to join us for a night to always remember and the gorgeous and oh so fabulous Bethesda Blues and Jazz!

Dec. 31, Bethesda Blues and Jazz

See you there!

We’re back at the ever-so-elegant Carlyle Club Saturday, Sept. 24!


Join Doc, Chou Chou, the Girlfriends, and all the Imperial Palms Orchestra at the fabulous Caryle Club Saturday, Sept 24, for the first Saturday of the new season. Dining dancing, and deco delights for a deliciously dazzling date night. Chou Chou has a new mic, and is full of herself, so watch out, and Doc is rarin’ to go! Fun is guarenteed! So get that sand out from between your toes. We know you wash up great! Meet us at the bar after the show and tell us what you did on your Summer vacation. We’ve got some secrets to share! Try not to blush. Come make magic with us!


Upcoming shows

New season, new shows! Come join us for the fun! Save the dates! Tickets on sale for all these great events soon!

Join Doc, Chou Chou, and their jivey six piece band in the Washington Ballroom at Fredericksburg Square! 

Oct 1 and Nov 12

See Chou Chou’s new show! Come play footsie on a terrific date night!

Friday, Nov. 11, at the Cabaret at The Square

Next up, Carlyle Club’s Holiday Kick-Off with Doc Scantlin and his Imperial Palms Orchestra

Friday, Nov 25

Be sure to join Doc Scantlin and his Imperial Palms Orchestra for New Years Eve!

At Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club