Feb. 16th at the Carlyle Club

Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day are playing footsie this year. The back to back mashup is putting us in a mischievous mood. Or maybe it’s just the anticipation of fine bourbon and chocolate. So what better excuse to come party with us? We’ve got it covered, from kissing your best boo on the dance floor to red hot and dizzying swing. Who says February’s not fun? Not us! We’re your one stop winter happy fix, as you know. Come. It’s Doctor’s orders. Doc Scantlin, that is! See you there!

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New Year’s Eve at Bethesda Blues and Jazz!

We don’t mind saying that New Year’s Eve is kinda sorta our thing, and there’s no place we would rather be than with you at the gorgeous Art Deco Palace of Bethesda Blues and Jazz! You can buy tickets hereThis year is a really special one. Doc and Chou will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and want you there for the fun! We’ll be pullin’ out all the stops, featuring a night of dancing and delights, including Moxie’s stunning rendition of the original Sally Rand Fan Dance, our World Famous Midnight Conga Line, and some exciting new offerings throughout the night! We don’t often say this (okay, never): This is the one Imperial Palms performance you do not want to miss! And there will be a super duper secret surprise that will positively convince you that anything goes and everything’s possible in the brand spankin’ shiny new year!









Doc and Chou Chou’s Swell and Peachy-Keen Ducky Doings

Oh my goodness, gosh golly, gee willykers, ain’t we got fun! Join us!

Friday, Nov. 17th:

The enchanting angels at Windy Hilly Foundation are wonderful people doing wonderful things, making a real difference in the lives of low and lower income families and aging people in Loudoun, Clarke, and Fauquier Counties of Va. Join us at the fabulous Salamander Resort and Spa for an opulent Gatsby Affair, when all angels will be transformed into Jazz Babies and Dapper Gents. Because even angels need a hot time now and then, especially for a good cause.

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High kicks, high jinks, and steppin’ out in style!

photo by Danny Fowler

Time to say goodbye to summer and kick into the Fall and Holiday party season! We’ve got three swell chances to join in the fun at our open to the public events. We don’t give out the scoop on all those wonderful private affairs. Those  are, after all, well, private. But here’s a chance to mark your calendar and make you plans. Our rare public events are well known as the BEST Big Night Out and sell out fast! So better make plans while you can. We sure hope you do! It won’t be the same without you.

Friday, September 15, 2017: The Carlyle Club

photo by Danny Fowler

Sometimes you need an escape. We get it. It’s been a month, hasn’t it? C’ville. Texas, so in need of our help. Click the blue link for suggestions on how best to contribute. Consider then letting us do our magic for you. You need a few happy hours. Get lost with us. Music, dining, dancing, laughter, shaken and poured just for you! Along with all our hearts. and a few corny Doc jokes. Just what the Doctor ordered.  Buy Tickets Here


Then, next up;

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017: Holiday Kick Off at the Carlyle Club!

Photo by Danny Fowler

Gobble, gobble. Then dance! Not sure what to do with those Thanksgiving visitors? Join us, of course! An evening they’ll talk about for years to come. We have fans of all ages and types! We’ll make your dear ones feel like the honored guests they are. Tickets for this annual frenzy disappear FAST! Unlike Aunt Minnie’s leftover Turkey. Buy Tickets Here

Okay, now we need to talk, because:

Sunday, Dec 31, 2017: New Years Eve at Bethesda Blues and Jazz!

Photo by Tom Wood

Think about it. One of the last world class big band full-out shows, enjoyed at one of the most gorgeous grand movie palace’s of the same Art Deco era. The Capraesque sparkle of celebrating New Year’s Eve in the truest of classic splendor, the ultimate time for such things! You should come. Seize the moment. We’re not getting any younger, you know. Buy Tickets Here   



New Delights! Fabulous Nights!

So much for you! We’re excited, too! We’ve been in a creative bout and full of starlight and song! Join us! Get fancy! Bring your hot date along! Trip the light fandango! Have a rose-to-tooth tango! Feel the fire in your soul! Here we go!!  

Nov. 5! Better hurry! 

Maryland Symphony Orchestra’s Gatsby Affair  


Then, Nov. 11, get blissful as Chou Chou gives you her heart in her profoundly touching new show!

Cabaret at Fredericksburg Square 

Nov 12, Doc, Chou Chou, and the Palmettos are rarin’ to go! Join us for dining and dancing as we salute our Veterans in grand style!

Fredericksburg Town Square

Oh, my, we can’t wait! Nov. 25, Doc, Chou Chou, the Girlfriends and the Imperial Palms will be back at the Carlyle Club for our annual Holiday Kick-off! Come dance off that extra helping of Thanksgiving pie! Bring those out of town guests someplace swell! Sells out early!

Carlyle Club Holiday Kick-off


AAAAAND…We are thilled to announce New Years Eve tickets are now on sale to join us for a night to always remember and the gorgeous and oh so fabulous Bethesda Blues and Jazz!

Dec. 31, Bethesda Blues and Jazz

See you there!

Springtime fun!

Doc and Chou Chou’s Springtime Romps


Here we go! So much fun to join in on. Take your pick. Take them all! And take us, too, because we’re rarin’ to go! No excuses. Come party!


First up: Apr. 30, Washington Cathedral 1920’s lawn party…

Next: May 5, Kennedy Warren Apartments, Palmettos…

Followed by: May 28, Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom…

Aaaaaaand, The Carlyle Club! June 17th