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New Year Wishes

Posted by Chou Chou

Today, I cried. I seldom do, but a huge wish came true, so I did! Do you make New Year Wishes? I certainly do, far more than resolutions. Wishes, you see, involve magic and belief. Resolutions are pragmatic enforcement. As someone fortunate enough to live a life of self invention, I want to shake my fist at enforcement. I get grumpy if the resolve doesn’t take. But making a wish and having it coming true is enchantment and stardust and such. How could I ever give up on that? So such wishes tend to come true!

photo: Jay Hopkins

A little over a year ago, I was fresh back from launching my new cabaret show, Blissfully Being. People began asking me to send them something about it so they could book my new act. Well, living here in our little retro world, I had no video or tech skills to put something together for myself, and, boy, was I ever tired of asking for help! So I stopped everything so I could learn. Just like that.

You know how that goes. It was excruciatingly hard. I’m awfully stubborn. I had done a few posts and attempts, but it was always such a self-enforced struggle. I’ve mentioned how I feel about enforcement! But I dreamed of one day being able to connect and share all the bright joys of our life and what we create in our sweet little time-warp bubble. That’s something no one can really do for me. Like our shows, it must come deeply, honestly, from the heart.

I was drowning at first, in uncharted waters, stuck for days at a time in whirlpools of data confusion. Then, finally, I saw the distant shores of a promise land! It got easier. The learning got faster. Then I claimed the land as my own. At least in the way it suits me.

Some strong-hearted friends helped me more than they should. And then I would beg even more. I fully expected to be disowned by a certain IT CEO relation. Minnie the Moocher had nothing on me! But instead of jewels and cars my wants were all computer knowledge. I will be singing in praise of each mentor for a very long time to come. Probably quite often to you.

As I worked and dreamed, dreams begot bigger dreams and more work, and more mooching and oh, poor husband Doc! Who stole his Blondie wife and left this computer nerd? He listened patiently, most of the time. Like I do when he talks some things. I was clearly on my own with this. We no longer seemed joined at the hip!

There was trouble in paradise, and you don’t need to hear that. And then everything came together, better than ever, and so did we! I put out the band newsletter, manage website and domain, most important security, network, the band’s new digital sound system. We’re video and recording shows! I am in the kiddie pools of music production, film editing, plus graphics and visual arts! Oh, I am greedy, rushing to the next steps of live production using endless technologies! Digital lighting and video mapping has me yearning with such lustings! All, with the full love and support of my very, very, analog man. Even without understanding. It took much adjustment, patience, respect, compromises, and long waits for some time together. But that man posesses a strange sort of magic and tends to make dreams come true. Doc saw me through as I pushed beyond reason, adjusting to ever new complications. He loves generously, overwhelmingly. At our New Year’s Eve Show, on the beautiful stage of the Art Deco Palace, Bethesda Blues and Jazz, with our friends as witness, Doc and I renewed our wedding vows for our 25th Anniversary.

photo: NancyMilburnKleckPhotography.com

It was zany and fun, because that’s entertainment, but grounded in the deepest commitment. Even more, an understanding of all we have been, and are now, and want to be for each other.

All this, in a year. I not only had my wish of tech literacy fulfilled, but have a new paradise in our love nest. One that includes a more capable me! And less mentor moochie, at least most of the time. I’m still learning, after all.

As of today, I have EVERYTHING set correctly, have all the tools, and enough skills, to connect here to you with pleasure, not pain! And that’s why I cried. Because hard-won wishes are the kind that come true, if you believe and work hard enough! Maybe this tech stuff comes easy to you, but it certainly didn’t for me! Like Rip Van Winkle, I’ve missed years of this, happy in our musical heaven. This year’s New Year’s Wish is to connect with you! To share ourselves, our music, our lifestyle, and our musings. And I have a big wish that you will do the same with us, too! This is your hangout, too, so welcome and comment! Subscribe, follow, like, and the rest! Such cyber candy forms bonds of friendship and love! And, oh, we have so much fun, don’t we? Just like at all of our shows!

One final thing: That struggling tech newbie? Well, she not only got her wish, but much more. The creative couldn’t help but take over. Seems once that kicked in, this little Blondie took to technology and it stuck in a sweet spot. Performing, of course, and music making! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Chou Chou, in her newest mischief, as part of our Imperial Palms Orchestra offerings, “Chou Chou as DJ BLISS”! Really! I hope you were sitting! A retro singing, dancing DJ, Imperial Palms style! Me, costumed, of course, and a Gramophone booth, playing the happiest party music from the 20s-40s, mixing magic out of technology!

Here I am, with my new act, on the stage of the historic Warner Theater. Not knowing this would be much more than super-fun, I am a bit startled by so many requests for bookings! And for me to send them something about it. Which brings me back to why I learned all this! To make those electronic press kits. Now, gloriously, enthusiastically, I am! Happy New Year! Make a wish! They do come true,you know.

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