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Chou Chou shines in “Blissfully Being”

Thought we’d let you know that Chou Chou’s new cabaret show “Blissfully Being” is profoundly touching those who have attended her DC area preview and San Diego debut. Based on her life as an entertainer on the autistic spectum, she sings and coos tales of her experiences with open-hearted positivity, all in her inimitatable style. “I have been asked so often to add my voice to the understanding of what we know about Autism, especially autistic women. I feel a responsibility to do so, but I can be very shy when not performing, so it is a struggle. But I light up when onstage, and that has always been my best way to communicate, so I have created this new show”.

This is no advocacy presentation or lesson in autism. Fans of Doc Scantlin and his Imperial Palms Orchestra are well aware of Chou Chou’s unique ability to melt hearts and spread believe-in-your-dreams joy among all in attendance, and she shines best when strolling a room, sharing romantic songs. So she has created her own kind of advocacy, using her skills as an accomplished performer. “I simply love. I am autistic and happy and lead a complete life, and some may think that is not possible. I am simply sharing who I am, authentically, as a performer, and as an autistic woman, and I choose do it with love”. 

There’s a good chance you may rethink some of what you think autism is and enjoy a charming night out as well. You can join Chou Chou with musicians Harry Appelman (piano), Henry Tyszler (violin), and David Jerigan (bass) at the Cabaret at Fredericksburg Square Friday, Nov. 11. 

Reservations for dinner and show here


Chou Chou performing “Blissfully Being” at the Love and Autism Conference in San Diego 

Thanks for the Swell Summer!

Things are hoppin’ at Doc and Chou Chou’s Bungalow on the Bay, as we get ready for our musical season ahead. Much to do, and we’re rarin’ to go, but, before we get into the swing of swingin’, we want to thank all our wonderful friends who made our events over this past season over-the-top fun! We live to make you happy, but, oh, how happy you make us! There were the balls and galas, romantic weddings, road trips and concerts, including almost being blown away by a summer storm, in an amphitheater build over the water, while the band played on. Chou Chou has announced the sand is finally all out of her little sequined shoes. There was the best of fun on the band bus, and the marathon sleepless back to back events. Doc lost his favorite sleeping cap somewhere along the way. Summer’s swan song couldn’t have been better: A standing-room-only 1000+ house of the greatest audience members ever, followed by a packed concert of guests old enough to remember the great music we play, and cheering like teenagers, while we brought it to life for them. We love how great music presented in an entertaining show appeals to all ages, but there is something really special about playing to those who remember it from the first time ’round. Then there is the tremendous joy of introducing young ones to the thrill of a live Big Band Orchestra for the very first time. Here’s to more fun to come! We’re always planning surprises along the way. Sometimes, there are surprises we don’t even plan, like, if you hang around after a show, if you’re really, really lucky, you may find this: Doc and George giving an impromptu country music performance after the show! Who knew?